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The aim of Razz Poker Rules is to be the absolute best online guide to Razz poker possible. Our aims include introducing new poker players to Razz, proving great Razz poker strategy advice and showing Razz players where the best online Razz games are. Razz poker is a great game that is rising in popularity quicker than any of the other lowball poker games around. We hope that as you explore our Razz Poker Rules website you will enjoy reading the content as much as we enjoyed writing it.

What Is Razz Poker?

Razz poker is a lowball game in which players recieve 7 cards in total, the best 5 card hand from the 7 cards dealt is the winner. Razz poker rules dictate that straights and flushes don’t count so the best possible hand is A-2-3-4-5. Players get 2 hole cards followed by 4 cards face up. The final card is dealt face down, a final round of betting occurs and the best hand at showdown wins the pot. Razz is basically just 7 card Stud lo and if you want to find out more about how Razz poker works then check out our how to play Razz article.

The best places to play Razz poker online are Pokerstars and Full Tilt. Other sites on the Merge and Cereus networks do offer players the chance to play Razz online but the traffic is so poor that the games never run.

Play Razz Poker Online

Razz poker is one of the most up and coming online poker variations. We have a really great article called play Razz online which covers the everything you need to know about finding the best Razz action on the net. At the moment Pokerstars.com is the biggest poker site in the world in terms of player numbers and games on offer. As a direct result of their high traffic Pokerstars is the best place to play Razz online. They have the most cash games running as well as some great tournament options and come highly recommended by everyone at Razz Poker Rules.

Razz poker tournament players should check out the Razz poker tournaments page of Razz Poker Rules which lists all the best Razz mutli table tournaments available online. Tournaments from both the Pokerstars and Full Tilt schedule are listed.

Note: Pokerstars have recently added a sports betting service and online casino games to their site but neither are realy up to standard, although they remain the best for Razz. For sports betting recommendations check out the best online betting sites here.

Razz Rules

Given that the name of our site is ‘Razz Poker Rules’ there’s a good chance you have found us in a search engine searching for “Razz Rules” or “Rules of Razz”. If this is the case then you probably want to visit the Razz rules section of our site. You can get there by using the previous link or by clicking the link in the left hand menu bar. The section will tell you all the rules of Razz and link you to some other content you might be interested in such as Razz strategy and where to play Razz online.

Razz Poker History

Razz poker has a rich history and will always be remembered for two main things. The first is the long list of poker legends that currently hold a WSOP Razz poker bracelet. These players include Doyle Brunson, Huck Seed and Ted Forrest. The second thing which will make sure Razz remains at the forefront of poker history is it’s heavy involvement in Archie ‘The Greek’ Karas’s world famous run at the Las Vegas which saw him take a massive $500,000 from Stu Ungar playing heads up Razz at Binions Horseshoe casino. You can read more about this and the origions of Razz and Razz poker rules in our Razz poker history section.

It isn’t actually known exactally when the first ever game of Razz poker was played or who invented Razz. What is known is that Razz came about as a direct result of 7 Card Stud, the two games are more or less identical apart from the hand rankings they use. It is thought that the first games of Razz were played around the very beginning of the 1900’s when the 52 card English deck was introduced into America. This lead to the development of 7 Card Stud from which Razz poker rules were created.