Razz Bankroll Management

PokerStars.comRazz bankroll management is just as important as bankroll management in any other forms of poker. If you don’t have enough money to sustain yourself through the rough patches then no matter how good you are at poker you’re going to go busto at some point. Razz bankroll management does depend somewhat on how good you are at the game, the higher your win rate the less money you need in your roll.

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This article will explain how much money you need to play Razz and show you where to play and how to get extra value from your time spent at the tables. It will deal with both Razz cash game bankroll requirements and Razz tournament bankroll requirements.

Note: Stud games such as Razz can be high variance. You get more cards before the showdown takes place meaning you will go to showdown on a more regular basis. This alone means the games variance will be higher than other more common poker games such as Holdem. However, the better player you become the less your variance will be and winning heads up Razz players will be able to keep variance to a minimum.

Razz Cash Game Bankroll

A player with a good Razz cash game bankroll is thought to have between 300BB’s (Big Blinds) and 500 BB’s in their roll. At the micro stakes / low stakes if you’re a good player you can probably get away with a bit less than this but once you move up into mid stakes games your opponents will improve and you need a good roll behind you.

You will usually find players buy into the game with a 25BB stack no matter what limit they are playing. This is enough to start off with considering the maximum you can lose or win in any one hand is 16 BB’s. Keep this in mind and make sure you always have atleast 16 BB’s at the table, you don’t want to miss value on 7th street when you’ve made a wheel now do you?!

Razz cash game bankroll requirements between 300 BB’s and 500 BB’s.

Razz Tournament Bankroll

Razz tournament poker bankroll management is somewhat different to Razz cash game bankroll management and pretty much the same as bankroll management for any MTT player. A good Razz tournament bankroll is around the 100 buy in mark. So, if you are playing the $11 $500 GRTD Pokerstars Razz MTT then you would need $1100.

As a recreational player then as long as you can afford to enter the tourney then you’re set. If you approach the game on a more serious level then between 70 and 100 buyins is a good Razz tournament bankroll.

A good Razz sit and go tournament bankroll is 50 buyins or more. If you’re struggling to get off the ground with your razz bankroll then check out this Razz Sponsorship page.

Razz Bankroll Ego

Leave your ego at home, in the bin and with the sealed lid on when you’re playing online poker. If your bankroll starts to dip there is no shame in moving down and re building. You can start with a 300 BB bankroll but if you drop 150 BB’s straight off the bat and don’t move down then you’re gambling and at risk of going busto!

Boost Your Razz Bankroll

There are a couple of ways you can boost your Razz bankroll. One is quite simple, get better at the game! The other is a little less conventional but still works well.

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