Razz Poker Books

Razz Poker BooksThere are only a few Razz poker books out there really worth reading and two of them aren’t even solely dedicated to Razz. There are three books on Razz we recommend you read. One is written by poker legend Doyle Brunson, one written by world renound David Sklanksy and the other by a less well known Razz expert Mitchell Cogert.

They are all good Razz poker books and well worth a read for anyone trying to improve their Razz game. Razz really is one of those games which lacks strategy resources. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as players who are good at the game have an even bigger edge!

Books On Razz

Lets take a look at the books on Razz which we reccommend to aspiring Razz poker players.

Sklansky On Poker

Sklansky On Poker‘Sklansky On Poker’ is written by David Sklansky and is widely thought to be one of the best razz books out there. It doesn’t only cover Razz but the Razz section is considered to be first rate, even though it was first published in 1994. ‘Sklansky On Poker’ is to Razz what ‘Super Sytem’ is to NLHE. Sklanksy covers some detailed Razz strategy and presents players with starting hand categories which are great for new Razz players looking to play a tight profitable style. You can buy this book on Amazon and it’s currently priced at $19.77.

Super System

Super System‘Super System’ also has a section written about Razz and is considered an essential read for anyone who’s looking for basic and advanced Razz strategy. It covers the game in significant depth and great detail. If you’re serious about getting good at Razz then you should read this Razz poker book ASAP! The book provides readers with various different visuals and charts to help you understand the game and then presents different scenarios to show the application of what you are learning. Plus if you do buy ‘Super System’ you get some pretty sick advice about other forms of poker as well. ‘Super System’ is currently $19.77 on Amazon.

Play Razz Poker To Win

Play Razz Poker To Win‘Play Razz Poker To Win’ is written by Mitchell Cogert and is a great place for any aspiring Razz player to start. The book covers a detailed preflop Razz starting hands strategy which is based on a points system as well as some crucial Razz tips and play on every street. It’s not quite as good as the other two Razz poker books we have advised you to read but it’s still a good option. Plus you can buy it online as an ebook for 50% of the in store price if you visit the books official website PokerRazz.com.