Razz Bring in Strategy

Razz bring in strategy is something that many Razz players, even those at the top limits, are still getting wrong. To be honest in the low to mid stakes online Razz games I play on Pokerstars players Razz bring in strategy is terrible. Any winning Razz player knows that stealing the blinds in Razz is key and knowing when to defend your bring in is equally important. In this article we will discuss when it is correct to steal the antes and bring in bet as well as when it is correct to defend your bring in.

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Stealing The Bring In and Ante When Playing Razz

There is nothing worse than seeing a player bring in the action with a King showing and have the ante’s folded round to him. Do you people not realize that this guy is folding like 99.9% of the time when you make a raise with a low card exposed. This leads us to the first and probably most important point when it comes to stealing the blinds and antes when playing Razz. Your hole cards don’t matter, not at all, never! If you are sat three seats to the right of the bring in bettor with an Ace exposed and the players behind you have relatively high cards showing then not raising is like giving money away. I don’t care if you have K-K-A your play is still going to be profitable.

Generally Razz players fold far too much. Whenever an opportunity to steal in Razz comes along you have three main considerations to take into account. What is my exposed card? What is the bring in players exposed card? What are the exposed cards of the players to act behind me? It’s all when and good trying to steal when the players behind you have weak cards showing but if you have a 6 exposed and there are 4’s and 5’s exposed between you and the bring in bettor then stealing isn’t really an option. Don’t just look at your card and the bring in bettors card. Make sure you look at the players in between as well!

Defending The Bring In When Playing Razz

Stealing the blind is something Razz players don’t do enough and defending the bring in is something many Razz players do way way way too much. New players seem to have a tendency to base the strength of their hand on their hole cards more than their exposed cards. This is a big mistake and defending your bring in when playing Razz because your hole cards seems strong is a bad idea. Take a look at the odds against you catching up with your opponent when you exposed card is higher than theirs.

Levels Higher Odds To Catch Up On 4th Street
4 10/1
3 6/1
2 4/1
1 3/1

As you can see from the table defending your bring in when playing Razz really is a bad idea if you have an exposed card which is two levels more than your opponent. Good aggressive opponents will really punish players who are clearly chasing making defending your bring in an even harder task. When you are first starting out playing Razz you could do a lot worse than never defending your bring in.