Full Tilt Razz Tournaments

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The Full Tilt Razz tournaments schedule offers some juicy Razz tournaments which attract a decent volume of players on a daily basis. There are only two places worth playing Razz online and Full Tilt is one of them (the other is Pokerstars). If you’re looking for Razz MTT action then you really need an account at both Pokerstars and Full Tilt.

Play Razz Tournaments At Full Tilt Poker

There are two major Full Tilt Razz tournaments the daily $26 with a $2,000 guaranteed prize pool and the weekly $75 buy in $5,000 guaranteed.

$2,000 Guaranteed Full Tilt Razz Tournament

The $2,000 Guaranteed Full Tilt razz poker tournament runs every day at 20:15 ET. The buy in is $26 and the tournament normally attracts around 110 entrants meaning the prize pool well exceeds the $2,000 guarantee. Last night tournament had 117 entrants and paid out 12 places with the top three as follows:

1st Place – $884.52
2nd Place – $578.45
3rd Place – $379.08

This is the biggest daily Razz tournament you can find at the moment. Players start with 2,000 chips with blinds of 30/60 and a 5 ante. It takes just over 5 hours to complete and even attracts Full Tilt poker pro’s such as Esther Rossi. It’s a freezeout tournament so no rebuys or add-ons are allowed.

$5,000 Guaranteed Full Tilt Razz Tournament

The $5,000 guaranteed Full Tilt Razz tournaments run on a weekly basis every Tuesday at 20:45 ET. The buy in is $75 in total ($69 + $6) and players start with 3,000 chips with the blinds at 30/60 and a 5 chip ante. You can qualify by winning Full Tilt tokens however these games which pay out tokens are currently only running in Omaha and Holdem.

Other Full Tilt Razz Tournaments

There is a lack of multi-table Razz poker tournaments online. Here are some others that run daily on Full Tilt and manage to attract a good number of players.

$5.50 21:45 ET – 73 entrants – 1st $127 2nd $83 3rd $51 – 8 places paid

$5.50 3:45 ET – 60 entrants – 1st $108 2nd $69 3rd $43 – 7 places paid

$11 1:15 ET – 50 entrants – 1st $185 2nd $120 3rd $75 – 6 places paid

More Razz Tournaments

As a Razz player you need to be versatile if you are going to find enough of the right tournament action. There is one other online poker site which offers a good selection of Razz poker tournaments and that is Pokerstars.com.

Use this link to find out more about Pokerstars Razz Tournaments.