Razz Hand Rankings

PokerStars.comThis article will cover everything you need to know about Razz hand rankings. We can show you what the best possible Razz poker hands are as well as list some of the best ranking hands in Razz. Look no further for your complete guide to Razz hand rankings.

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Razz Poker Hands

Razz Hand Rankings

The best possible hand you can make when playing Razz is known as the wheel (A-2-3-4-5). Remember straights and flushes mean nothing when playing Razz. If you manage to make a wheel, which is the holy nuts, then remember to bet the crap out of it! It’s as good as a royal flush in Holdem, you can’t lose!

Razz Poker Hands

The second best hand you can make in Razz is a 6-4 low (A-2-3-4-6).

So, I bet you’re wondering what beats what in Razz and how to work out how good your hand actually is. The Razz hand rankings arn’t actually as hard to work out as they seem.

Any 6 high hand beats any 7 high hand which beats any 8 high hand and so on right up to King high. A good way to think about it is to look at your hand placing your cards high to low. So, if you hold 7-5-4-2-A then you beat 7-6-3-2-A because you have a 7-5 low and your opponent has a 7-6 low even though it’s with 3-2-A. Reading your hand backwards like this makes things a lot easier! In Razz the lowest hand always wins at showdown.

By the time a Razz poker hand has finished you will be holding seven cards in your hand. Your hand is the lowest possible five cards from this seven. Remember pairs count against you heavily and even a 5-5-3-2-A will lose to K-Q-J-T-9 (straights and flushes don’t count remember). Another important thing to note is that Aces are always considered to be low cards when playing Razz.

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