Heads Up Razz

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Heads up Razz is one of the most exciting ways to play Razz poker. It’s a one on one duel, a battle of the wits and a battle of the mind. Did your opponent start with a smooth 8 or is your 9-7 good? Does he ever check raise 5th street here without a made low hand? Should I slow play my wheel in order to let my opponent catch up and then nail him on the river? All questions you are going to face when playing Heads up Razz poker. One of the best things about HU Razz online is the speed of the action, if you’re looking for fast paced and highly profitable situations then heads up Razz is a great choice.

Full Tilt is the only place you can play heads up razz cash games!

Players looking to play heads up Razz online have a few different options which we will discuss below. If you’re looking for some Heads up Razz strategy advice then check out this article: heads up Razz strategy

Where To Play Heads Up Razz

Wondering where to play heads up Razz online? then look no further, we can show you where the best action takes place.

Your first port of call as a Heads up Razz player online should be Full Tilt poker. They offer the best Razz heads up cash games online providing players with the chance to play HU Razz cash games from $1/$2 right up to $1000/$2000.

Full Tilt poker also offering Razz heads up sit and go tournaments. These start from as little as $1.10 and go right up to $230. There is always more action at the lower limits and micro stakes. A great way to combat the lack of action is to open a real money account at Pokerstars as well.

Play Heads Up Razz at Full Tilt

Pokerstars is the second best places to play heads up Razz online. At present they don’t actually offer heads up Razz cash games (which sucks) but they do offer heads up Razz SNG’s. These start at the $2.20 limit and go right up to a $1030 buy in. Again lots of action in the $21 heads up sng games but less so at the higher stakes. It really is essential for Razz players to have an account at both Full Tilt and Pokerstars!

Play Heads Up Razz Online

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