How to Play Razz
Learn how to play Razz poker or more specifically how to play limit Razz right here. This article will give you everything you need to know about how to play Razz. After reading you should be in a position to understand how Razz works and have the ability to play Razz poker.

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At this point we are going to assume that you have read about and understand the Razz hand rankings. If not take a moment to click the previous link and familiarize yourself with them. You can’t learn how to play Razz if you don’t first learn them.

The first step to learning how to play Razz poker is learning how to play limit Razz. Once you can play limit Razz you can play any form of Razz.

3rd Street and the Bring In

During a hand of Razz players are dealt seven cards in total, you must then use your best (lowest) five card hand possible from the seven.

Razz is always played with an ante in place, this is a forced bet that every player must make before any cards have been dealt. The ante in Razz is commonly 20% of the big blind so in a $2/$4 limit Razz game each player would be forced to ante up for 80c every hand.

Once all players have anted up the dealer deals three cards per player. The first two cards players receive will be dealt face down with the third card face up for the entire table to see, this face up card is known as the door card. At this point the player with the highest door card is forced to bring in the action. The bring in as it is known is always smaller than lowest possible bet, when playing online you can select to bring in automatically which saves time and confusion.

Note: If two players have the same highest value door card showing then the player who brings in the action is decided based on suits.

The suits rankings in Razz are as follows:

Spades (highest ranking suit)
Clubs (lowest ranking suit)

*Remember aces are low in Razz and King is the highest possible card.

The action starts with the player who was forced to bring in the action. They have one of two choices; either fold or make up the amount they have committed to a full bet. Play then go goes round the table in a clockwise direction until betting is complete and all players have either committed to the pot or folded.

When playing limit Razz you are free to raise preflop but obviously this amount is limited depending on the stakes you are playing.

4th Street

Hopefully you are starting to learn how to play Razz poker, lets now take a look at the action which takes place on 4th street. Players who remain in the hand are now dealt one more card by the dealer which is face up. At this point players have two cards face down and two face up and visible to other players at the table.

Unlike most variations of poker play does not start with the same player it started with in the first round of betting. When playing Razz the player with the lowest hand of their two face up cards is first to act on 4th street. The lowest possible hand at this point would be A2 with the worst hand being K-K. The player with the lowest hand is identified and betting starts with them and moves around the table in a clockwise direction.

5th Street

5th street is where things start to get interesting as for the first time players are able to bet the full limit. In a $5/$10 Razz poker game the betting amount would be limited to just $5. Once 5th street kicks in the limits double and money starts hitting the pot.

The players that remain get another card face up. Play once again starts with the player who has the lowest visible hand and moves around the table in a clockwise direction.

6th Street

The betting limits remain the same as on 5th street. Anyone left in the hand gets another card face up and play once again starts with the player who has the lowest hand showing.

7th Street and the Showdown

7th street is the final round when playing Razz. Players a dealt one last card which this time is dealt face down as opposed to face up like on previous streets. The player who started the action on 6th street begins the action which, as always, moves around the table in a clockwise direction.

Remaining players then go to showdown. Players make up their best possible five card hand hand from the seven cards they have been dealt. First to show is the player who was last to bet.

Hopefully you now have a good idea about how to play razz poker. Learning how to play limit Razz might seem difficult but once you’ve played a few hands for real and have learned the Razz hand rankings then you should get to grips with the game pretty quickly. If you think you are ready to play Razz right now then follow this play Razz online link which will take you to a page which tells your the best places to play Razz online.

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