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Where to play Razz online? Well, there are only really two places worth considering Pokerstars and Full Tilt. You will find Razz poker on offer at both Cereus and Merge networked poker rooms but traffic is pretty much non existant. If you play Razz online at peak times on Pokerstars then you will find 20 or more real money cash tables running along with multiple sit and go’s and multi table tournaments. The same goes for Full Tilt who are the only site to run heads up Razz cash tables.

Now that we’ve established Full Tilt and PokerStars are the only sites worth considering for playing Razz online, you’ll need to decide which site is right for you …

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Where To Play Razz Online

The grand daddy of Razz poker sites is They have the widest range of Razz games on the planet, including both a vast selection of Razz tournaments, Razz sit and go’s and Razz cash games making them the best place to play Razz online.

The Razz cash games at range from 4c/8c fixed limit right up to the nosebleeds at $100/$200. The Razz MTT’s at Pokerstars range from a $1.10 buy in all the way up to their Razz showcase every Sunday which has a $215 buy in and a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool. The sit and go’s start at $1.20 and top out at $215.

Note: Remember to look out for Razz WCOOP tournaments as well as Razz SCOOP tournaments at Pokerstars. The biggest money Razz tournaments you can play online!

There is only one other place you should considering playing Razz online and that is Apart from Pokerstars and Full Tilt there really isn’t anywhere else worth bothering with as traffic on the Razz tables is non existent.

The Razz cash games at Full Tilt run from the 5c/10c level up to as high as $1000/$2000 and if you’re feeling seriously adventurous then you can play heads up vs Phil Ivey on the Ivey Pipleline table where the blinds are $2000/$4000. You won’t see a lot of action above $10/$20 on Full Tilt unless you’re playing at peak times.

They do run some good Razz poker tournaments at Full Tilt so for Razz players it’s worth having both a Pokerstars account and a Full Tilt account. At Full Tilt you can play a daily $2,000 guaranteed $26 buy in Razz MTT as well as a daily lower stakes $1 buy in MTT with $250 guaranteed in the prize pool. Every Tuesday they also run a $5000 guaranteed Razz MTT with a $75 buy in.

Best Place To Play Razz Online

Play Razz Online

The best place to play Razz online in my opinion is There are a ton of reasons why I prefer to play Razz at Pokerstars:

Pokerstars has the widest selection of Razz multi table poker tournaments around. They run on a daily basis and buy ins range from as little as $1.10 right up to $215. What makes Pokerstars the best place to play Razz online are it’s two showcase Razz poker tournaments, high volume cash game action and regular sit and go tournaments.

Every day at 19:45 ET Pokerstars run their $500 guaranteed Razz tournament which has an $11 buy in. The tournament is one of the biggest Razz MTT’s you’ll find daily online and usually attracts about 80 runners meaning the prize pool gets closer to $1,000 than $500. The standard is poor, good players WILL prosper!

The $10,000 guaranteed is the biggest Razz poker tournament you will find online and usually attracts between 80 and 100 players. You can satellite in for $39 during the week and the prize pool always breaks it’s $10,000 guarantee. It runs every Sunday on Pokerstars at 13:45 and takes about 5 hours to complete. The best Razz players on the net gather for this so you better bring your A game with you.

If you’re a Razz sit and go lover then I hate to break it to you but it’s tough to find much action online. Pokerstars is one of the only places that ever really runs Razz sit and go tournaments on a regular basis. The buy ins range from $1.20 right up to $215, there are varying blind structures including turbo games.

Heads up Razz poker sit and go’s also run on Pokerstars more frequently than anywhere else.

To be honest it’s pretty hard to get mid to high level Razz sit and go action anywhere, your best chance is at Pokerstars, which is still quiet at times. If you want constant SNG Razz action then you better learn to play H.O.R.S.E as well.

Pokerstars Razz cash games run pretty much constantly and are inhabited by a larger volume of players than any other online poker site. Blinds start as low as 4c/8c and and run right the way to $100/$200.

Looking at the lobby right now at 8:46 ET, one of the more quiet period on Pokerstars, there are still plenty of games running. There are games running at every level up to $10/$20. Hitting Pokerstars at peak times will provide you with a wider selection of games but it’s still good to know you can always get some action if you need some.

Pokerstars Bonus!

Pokerstars Bonus

If you are planning to play Razz online at Pokerstars then you may as well take advantage of the $600 bonus deal they have on offer to all new players. It’s a 100% deposit bonus up to $600 and is actually one of the easiest poker bonuses to clear in the online poker world.

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