Razz Poker at Linux Compatible Poker Rooms

You can play Razz poker on Linux at PokerStars but you’ll need to download WINE, a Linux Windows compatibility program, to get the poker room to work on your Linux computer. WINE will emulate a windows environment on on your Linux computer and allow you to run the PokerStars client. If you want to play Razz poker on a Linux computer then check out our guide below, it’ll show you how to get Pokerstars working.

How To Get PokerStars to work on Linux

On the PokerStars website they state that ‘PokerStars does not have a native Linux version and we have no plans to develop one at this time’. However their poker room will run if you download and use WINE to emulate a windows environment.

The first thing you need to do is visit WineHQ.org and download the latest version of WINE. They have full instructions on their site of how to do this. Look for the download button on their homepage to get yourself started.

Now you need to visit PokerStars.com and download their poker client. Use the previous link to visit their website and hit the download button in the top navigation menu, it’s the first on the left. Hit the save file button and wait for the download to finish.

Next you need to open your shell and go to your WINE directory. You must now copy the Pokerstars file you just downloaded into this directory. Once you’ve done this you need to start the PokerStars setup using WINE.

Go through the whole set up process and open a new account at PokerStars, when you’re in the lobby if you go to the Stud tab you’ll see the Razz tab and this is where you can find all the Razz cash games on offer at PokerStars. To find Razz tournaments hit the tourney tab or sit and go tab.

When you want to start PokerStars up you must do so from the Shell or from your KDE menu.

Use this link to download WINE
Use this link to download PokerStars

In the FAQ section of their website PokerStars do say that if you’re trying to get Pokerstars to work on Linux and you’re struggling you can email their support team at support@pokerstars.com and someone will walk you through the process!

Best Razz Poker Games on Linux

The best Razz poker games on Linux or any platform take place at PokerStars.com. They are one of a select few online poker sites that actually spread Razz. Razz is no where near as popular as say Holdem or Omaha and as a result there are less people wanting to play and less tables running. Pokerstars is the worlds largest online poker room in terms of traffic which means they have loads more Razz poker games running at any one time than anywhere else online. They can get over 25 Razz cash tables running at peak times which is unmatched by any other online poker sites offering Razz.

If you are looking to play Razz poker on Linux or any kind of poker for that matter if you sign up at PokerStars then they’ll give you a 100% deposit bonus up to $600. This bonus deal is available to all new players who make a real money deposit. It basically means that PokerStars will match your first real money deposit with a bonus of the same amount up to $600. Eg deposit $100 and get a $100 bonus. Your bonus is released in increments of $10 when you earn enough points at the real money table. All players get 6 months to clear their deposit bonus, so that gives you plenty of time to release it all.

Use this link to download PokerStars and claim your bonus now.