Play Razz and Get Sponsored!

Getting a poker sponsorship meant, you had to be an exceptional player, winning most, if not all your ring games. You had to be a winner at the WSOP, the EPT, the WPT, the Aussie Millions and such other renowned poker tournaments for sponsors to sit up and take notice. It was the most obvious method and the only way to be a part of a sponsored poker team – at least until recently. Today, this concept of player sponsorship has seen a change in terms of the whole outlook with sites like leading the way. Now, simply playing your favorite poker game like Texas Hold’em or Razz can be your ticket to a poker sponsorship.

Well, you may be wondering how the system works. It’s simple really – all you do is play poker at your online poker room and earn points that can be exchanged for live tournament buy-ins and sponsorship packages. Check out the list of sponsored poker rooms at the Buy-in bank website. They have tied up with Titan Poker, Carbon Poker, Full Tilt and a few others. So, if you play at one of these poker rooms, you will be enrolled for a unique rewards program at, provided you open an account with them. For each dollar of rake you pay at your poker room, you earn points which can be exchanged at Buy-in Bank’s ‘Tour Store’.

And it’s not only the more popular Texas Hold’em we are talking about; you can play any of the games that are offered at the poker sites to earn points. So, even if you are one of those poker fans who likes to play a different variation of poker, no problem. You can go ahead and play Razz poker if you like; you’d still get your Grinder Points. Razz is a game similar to 7-card Stud where you aim to make the best 5 card low hand from the seven cards you are dealt with. The best places to play Razz poker are PokerStars and Full Tilt and Full Tilt is on Buy-in Bank’s list of poker rooms. Therefore, if you are a regular Razz player at Full Tilt, you can earn your way to a poker sponsorship deal for a live poker tournament.

Full Tilt has much in store for the Razz poker player, in terms of ring games and multi table tournaments. The Razz ring games are quite decent and you will find that the lower and mid range limits are pretty easy to win. Some of the best multi-table tournament action takes place at Full Tilt. The daily Razz tournament with $26 buy-in is very popular with players. There is considerable player volume for Sit-n-Go Razz Tournaments as well.

So, if you wish to make some money out of the “bad hands”, head to Full Tilt poker and play Razz. But don’t forget to sign up for a free account at to earn that sponsorship deal to play at that live Razz poker tournament you were looking forward to!