Practice Razz Poker

PokerStars.comYou can practice Razz poker online at two of the major online poker sites. Pokerstars and Full Tilt poker. Of the two you are going to find more chance to practice Razz poker at Pokerstars as they run free games alongside their real money games which include free Razz cash games, free Razz tournaments and free sit and go’s.

To be honest though, playing in free games isn’t a great way to practice Razz. When there is no regard for money players play very differently and just because you can win in free games doesn’t mean you can in real money games.

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The best way to get started as a Razz player is to play low stakes Razz cash games. Razz is a limit game which means there isn’t the possibility of losing all your chips in just one hand. If you do start in the free money Razz games then you risk getting into bad habits which will make the transition to real money poker much much more difficult.

Best Place To Play Razz

Practice RazzPokerstars is the best poker site to Practice Razz on. They offer the smallest stakes cash games and tournaments around so it won’t cost you a lot to get some practice in.

The Razz cash games at Pokerstars start at the 0.4c/0.8c level which means you would only need a bankroll of $24 to be properly rolled for the level. Having 300 BB’s in your bankroll should be more than enough to allow you to practice Razz poker and get to the point where you are good enough to play in higher stakes games.

Pokerstars also offer sit and go’s for Razz players. There start at just a $1.20 buy in so you can get plenty of practice for your money. You only need around a $60 bankroll to be properly bankrolled for this level so again you are getting plenty of Razz for your money.

If multi table tournaments are more your thing then you might want to check out our Pokerstars Razz tournaments section which details all of the best online Razz multi table tournaments. The Razz tournaments on Pokerstars start for as little as $1.10.

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