Razz Rules

Welcome to our Razz rules section. The article on this page will deal with the rules of Razz, at the end of the article you will find some useful links to other pages about Razz including information about how to play razz as opposed to just the rules of Razz. Razz rules are pretty simple and once you have read them through a couple of times you should have no problem remembering them.

Pokerstars Rules When It Comes To Razz Online!

Rules Of Razz

Here are the rules of Razz:

1) In Razz the lowest hand is the best hand and the absolute nuts is A-2-3-4-5 also known as the wheel.

2) Aces are low cards only meaning the highest possible card is a King.

3) Straights and flushes do not count for anything when playing Razz.

4) All players must ante before the cards are dealt to be included in the hand (this is done automatically for you online).

5) The highest hand or worst hand showing always dictates who starts the action in the first betting round. If two players have the same value high card showing then suits are used to determine who must bring in. The suit rankings for Razz are as follows with the highest ranking suit listed first:

– Spades
– Hearts
– Diamonds
– Clubs

Subsequent action is always started by the player with the lowest face up hand and play moves round the table in a clockwise direction. If two players have the same visible hand then the player who is closer to the right of the dealer button begins the betting.

6) Razz is a fixed limit poker game. The first two streets always use the lower betting limit. It is not until 5th street (3rd betting round when playing Razz) that the upper limit is used.

7) When playing live Razz poker the dealer will always shout out paired hands the first time the occur. Note though that face cards which pair are never announced to the table. This won’t happen online so you have to be extra carefully when playing and reading your opponents hand.

8) when players reach showdown the last person to bet is always the first to show their hand. Players then showdown their hands in a clockwise direction.

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