Heads Up Razz Strategy – Sit and Go’s

PokerStars.comHeads up Razz sit and go’s are one of the most popular forms of the game yet there is very little Heads up Razz sit and go strategy advice circulating among the poker community. Doing a Google search for HU Razz SNG Strategy, Razz SNG Strategy or even HU Razz Sit and go strategy returns pretty much nothing but endless forum threads which are or some use but don’t really accumulate all the info you need in the same place. It is the intention of this article to get together all the best possible information about playing heads up Razz poker sit and go’s. The best Razz HU SNG action takes place at Pokerstars.com so if you’re looking for a game then hit the link below.

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*Note: In places this article will use HU to refer to the term Heads Up and SNG to refer to the term Sit and Go.

Heads Up Razz Starting Hand Strategy

It’s hard to lay down a correct set of groupings when it comes to sit and go heads up Razz starting hand strategy. There are however a few general concepts which should help you to select starting hands to play and how to play them.

A-2-3 is obviously the strongest possible starting hand when playing Razz and your initial reaction may be to raise the pot and a good percentage of the time this will be the correct play. However should your opponent be showing a high door card (J, Q, K) then most of the time flat calling is considered the correct play. You do this to keep your opponent in the hand with the intention of extracting value on later streets hoping they will pay to draw or hoping they will make an inferior hand to yours.

If you find yourself in the above position but you have a very small stack and are looking for a double up then raising hoping to get all the money in with your A-2-3 would be the correct Razz strategy.

Many players play a very loose style when playing heads up Razz, especially in the early stages of a heads up SNG. This is all well and good but you are at a major disadvantage in any pot when you have the highest door card and or visible hand later down the streets showing. Having the initiative when playing heads up is almost as critical as having the best visible hand on show.

Winning at Heads Up Razz

There really is no set formula when it comes to winning at heads up Razz. Some players play a very simplistic tight style and others approach the game as a maniac. The best way to approach things is to mix it up. There is nothing to say that you can’t 3 Bet (re raise) someone with a King door card if you have A-2 in the hole, there’s nothing to say you can’t just call with the same hand. You need to develop your own default style when approaching Razz HU sit and go’s and then adapt it according to how your opponent is playing. There are tons of players in the HU Razz SNG’s on Pokerstars who are regular players and only have one gear, learning to adapt to other players will give you an definite edge.

Stealing from your opponent is very important when playing Razz heads up sit and go’s especially in the later stages. It doesn’t take a genius to work out good opportunities to steal, when you have a low card visible and your opponent has a high one. By the time you get to the later stages you should have a good feel for how your opponent reacts when you raise his bring in. Use your knowledge and feel combined with the visible strength of your hand to identify good spots to take the antes and bring in. Keep putting the pressure on if your opponent draws visibly bad on 4th street and you draw good after you’ve attempted a steal.

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