7 Card Stud Hi Lo


7 Card Stud Hi Lo is basically a combination of 7 Card Stud and Razz. When playing 7 Card Stud Hi Lo the best Hi hand splits the pot with the best Lo hand at showdown. It is possible to win both the Hi pot and the Lo pot at the same time, this is known as scooping the pot. If two players have the same strength hand then it is possible for players to win just one quarter of the pot or even three quarters of the pot.

The best starting hands are those that have both good Hi and Lo potential. If you can play Seven Card Stud but not Razz then check out our how to play Razz article. Once you can play both 7 Card Stud and Razz you’re more or less on your way to being able to play 7 Card Stud Hi Lo.

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It really is easy to learn the other games if you know one variation of 7 Card Stud as the mechanics of all the games are very similar. Once you have learned 7 Card Stud you can play three games; Razz, 7 Card Stud Hi Lo and 7 Card Stud. You are also on your way to becoming a player with the ability to play HORSE, with only Limit Holdem and Limit Omaha left to learn. Having the skill and ability to play a variety of mixed games is a great weapon in any poker players arsenal.

7 Card Stud Hi LoIf you want to play 7 Card Stud Hi Lo online as well as other mixed games including 7 Card Stud, Razz, Badugi, H.O.R.S.E, Omaha, 2-7 Triple Draw and A-5 Triple Draw then Pokerstars.com is the place to do it.

They have all these games on offer with cash tables, SNG’s and MTT’s running throughout the day. Other online sites do offer mixed games but you are going to find the traffic a problem. The Merge network is known for offering mixed games, especially Razz, but the problem is that the vast majority of the time there isn’t even one game running. At peak times on Pokerstars there are literally hundreds of mixed games running including 7 Card Stud Hi Lo, Razz and HORSE poker.

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