Razz Tips

Here are our essential top 5 Razz Tips . If you are serious about impoving your Razz poker game then read through these Razz poker tips and visit our Razz strategy section which hopefully will be able to give you some pointers and help increase your win rate.

Razz Tips No.1 – Get The Pot Heads Up Going Into 4th Street

It’s not rocket science, the more players in the pot the less chance you have of winning the hand. If the opportunity arises to get the pot heads up when playing Razz then more often than not you should take that opportunity. The nature of the game means that unless you have a poor starting hand you are never that far behind when heads up in a pot. Even if your opponent has A-2-3. Manipulate bad opponents by isolating them and forcing them to play heads up pots with you. Use your superior ability to read hands to push your opponent off his hand and take down the pot.

Razz Tips No.2 Steal The God Damn Blinds and Antes

Whatever you do when you are playing Razz online don’t go into auto pilot mode. Checking the fold button before it’s your turn to act can often lead to a missed opportunity to steal the blinds. Take note of what players show behind you and if you have a lower card showing than anyone else at the table then raise. Even if you have a pair covered. The less players left to act the more you should steal and the tighter the players left to act the more you should steal. This is one of the best Razz tips around, use it and abuse it!

Razz Tips No.3 Don’t Get Attached To Your Bring In Fool

Far far far to many Razz players ignore this Razz poker tip. Whatever you do do not get attached to your bring in. Just because you have been forced to put money in the pot does not mean you should be calling raises with poor hands. In lower and micro stakes games there is pretty much no reason at all to ever defend your bring in for the sole purpose of just defending. Other players aren’t good enough to pick up on the amount you are folding so don’t worry about it. If there is one of the Razz tips you follow then it should be this one.

Razz Tips No.4 Adapt To Your Opponents – The Razz Slow Play

Slow playing a hand in Razz is not something you are going to find many opponents doing. However, when faced with an aggressive opponent slow playing your hand can be a great way to maximize value. By just calling 3rd street instead of raising other players at the table will likely think your hand is good but not excellent. Often when you make it to 4th and 5th street your opponent will think you are chasing and bet into you when in actual fact you have the best hand. Use this Razz tip to trap aggro monkeys and ship a big pot.

Razz Tips No.5 Have Multiple Online Accounts

Nothing tilts me more than not being able to play Razz poker when I want in the format I want. The sad truth is that apart from Pokerstars and Full Tilt there is no where else online with any Razz traffic. At peak hours you will find loads of cash games running on both sites as well as some sit and go’s and MTT’s. The problem is I don’t always want to play at peak times! I combat a lack of Razz traffic online by having an account with both Pokerstars and Full Tilt. Moving between the two sites I can always get enough action at the right limit. You should do the same!